SCORE! is an interactive musical art exhibit where people can become part of a song. Based on traditional carnival games, players control the music mix by throwing objects, hitting targets and watching the song change based on what they do. The better they are at the game, the more layers of the song they will reveal. Since anything can happen at any time, the players truly create a different musical piece every time.
Many different styles of music are mixed together in a song from hip hop to dance, jazz to country, rock to reggae and more. All music is original and created as part of the exhibit.
SCORE! uses a technique called vertical re-orchestration, which involves layering individual musical instruments together in a composition and then allowing each instrument to be controlled separately. This approach is used commonly in video games where the score changes to match the events taking place in the game.
This is a seasonal art exhibit that will take place in a series of events in public parks throughout New York City from the spring to fall of 2016.
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The project was developed by Ben Skolnik and Damian Siwek, two songwriters who combine rock guitars and experimental electronic styles in their music. Ben went to MIT and worked in the MIT Media Lab developing games that would study behavioral psychology in social situations. Damian is a criminal defense attorney with his own practice in Los Angeles and has also developed a following on YouTube for his guitar lesson videos.
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